Euro-Design 70 115mm

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Sistem’s Euro-Design 70 115mm PVC windows will be the most appropriate solution from many points of view – energy, comfort and operation.

Techinal characteristics
The installation depth of PVC window jamb is 115mm, contrary the usual 70 or 60 mm plastic windows (existing wooden windows – 90mm). It provides the thermal coefficient Uf of the jamb/leaf, according to LVS EN 10077-1, 0,9(W/m2K), compared to Uf usual plastic window profiles ~ 1,3 -1,6(W/m2K).
The installation depth of 115mm of packet window jamb provides almost 2 times less heat loss through the termal bridges. The thermal bridges form in the wall panel near the windows, at the top and sides of their perimeter and 3 times less heat loss in the area of window sills.
Sistem’s Euro-Design 70 115mm PVC windows jamb have specially enlarged interior, according to wall panels’ geometry. Such a constructive solution, contrary usual windows’ constructions, enlarges glass area by 10 %. Consequently, more light enters the apartments but at the external wall insulation, significantly narrower assembly seam forms between window jamb and external wall panel.
There is a possibility to apply three glass packets (max. 44mm thickness) with the thermal coefficient according to LVS EN 10077-1, up to Ug = 0,6(W/m2K), contrary the usual two glass packets ~ 1,1-3,0(W/m2K).