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Entrance doors made from REHAU BRILLANT DESIGN profiles are very stable, soundproof and thermally insulated, they prove very good tightness and do not require intensive maintenance. They have a modern design, high-quality surface treatment and offer a number of options when choosing the colour or wood imitation. It is possible to say that they will satisfy nearly all your ideas. The systems of course meet all other requirements. The multi-chamber construction fitted with robust reinforcement is decisive with respect to thermal insulation and stability. Front doors made from REHAU profiles are therefore able to resist even very heavy load. Efficient protection against burglary is ensured not only by extensive reinforcement but by a special construction of angular joints, possibly combined with multipoint locking.


smooth surface areas enabling easy maintenance
excellent strength and stability of the construction thanks to extensive steel reinforcement
use of welding angle joints ensuring high rigidity of the door wing


Elegant design and first-class details - REHAU Brillant-Design front doors
Impressive design: 20° angle of the chamfer provides front doors with modern and attractive design.
Tightness: The integrated sealing prevents penetration of air draught, dust and water and maintains the inside climate.
Anti-burglary system: The front door profile construction enables use of multipoint locks and accessories, thus increasing protection against burglary.
Sound-proofing: Enjoy the quiet living environment with REHAU Brillant-Design front doors.

profile depth: 70 mm / stop stripping system
number of chambers: 4 chambers in the door wing, 5 chambers in the door frame
excellent sound and thermal insulation parameters
air permeability and tightness against rain drifted by the wind: up to class A according to RAL-GZ 996
seal in the area of the door sill in 2 sealing levels
special construction of the door sill for barrier-free areas

broad variety of finish options thanks to a wide colour range of laminated foils, varnishes and aluminium casing/lining
possibility to install grey sealing when using white profiles
elegant design thanks to 20° chamfer edge

Possibilities of application
entrance parts and portals at optimized energy-saving building reconstructions
new above standard constructions and low energy buildings
single-wing doors with opening inwards or outwards, possibly with a fixed side part
double-wing doors with opening inwards or outwards, possibly with door transom light
independent door elements in different finish options